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Individual Quest - The Boogre Prison

The Boogre Prison
Written by Rick Volberding

Map By Bill Wildey

1. After you fall down through the trap door to the cell wait a few moments and then talk to the guard. Tell him you're not seeking gold and he'll let you out. At the "T" go right (north) to the circular table room and then right (east) to the bar. Buy Boogre Brew for everyone at 5 GP apiece (useful later in the Pit).

2. Go back to the table room and take the other exit (north). At the "T" go right (south) and talk to Vargul for info. Exit his room to the west and enter the Gauntlet. Ensure everyone is healed because most of the devices will cause damage. Underwater you can surface and catch a breath of air near the gates while waiting for them to open. At the idol the fires will burn you but the chests have some good treasure - including the first of three required sticks. Exit through the one-way door.

3. Heal up and prepare your best close-quarters spells for battle in the Pit. Go down the stairs (west) and enter the Pit and fight the Crawler. Afterwards, use the Brew to heal any poisoned characters. Go through the tunnel to the Crawler's den and get Grunaxe's Ring. Exit the pit and go up the stairs (north).

4. At the "T" go right (east) and then left (north) and then left (west) to enter the Shocking Rooms area. Each room has a shocking, colored transom which also teleports you to another room in the same area. Heal up between the shocks and carefully map the rooms. Once you ID the exit (it's to the northeast) begin stepping into each room in the opposite direction you want to go. Eventually you'll reach the east-leading corridor. Head to the "Y" room.

5. Speak to Pris'kiel'a and then give her the ring. She'll open the door to S'Keser Da's room. Kill the old witch and plunder the chest - you'll find the second stick. Go into the alcove and get the Evil Eye.

6. Go all of the way back to the "T" outside your original cell (yes, through the Shocking Rooms) and take the southern corridor. In the square room take the north exit and follow the corridor to the "T" and go left (south). You will encounter some Jungle Lilies (which are as bad as Amazon Mantraps). At the next "T" go left (west) and use one of the sticks to enter the cells. Talk to the ghost of Grunaxe and find the third stick. Retrieve your stick from the hole on the way out.

7. At the "T" go north and use the Evil Eye to open the door. (You can also Invoke the Eye before using it on the door to gain the Evil Eye spell). Fight some more Lilies and then go to the idol. Have each character touch the idol to be de-Boogerized.

8. It's time to leave the prison. Head all of the way back to the "Y" room outside S'Keser Da's room. Take the southwest exit and fight the Jungle Lilies. Enter the Stone Circles and Blocks room.

9. Use the sticks in the circles to extend the blocks to jump up to the exits. I started with the lowest circle on the east wall and used the remaining two sticks above the subsequent protruding blocks. If you take the northwest exit you'll enter the Cyclops' area and gain some treasure. You can then jump across the Circles room to the northeast corridor, get the treasure from the chest on the shelf, and exit the Boogre Prison.

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