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Individual Quest - Anephas' Shrine
Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

1. Entry to the Shrine requires the Staff of Death from the lich G’Ezerred Ra in the Skull Castle. Use the staff on the magical Aegis lock and then enter the Starting Room (A) which has the standard lever which loads the dungeon and raises the south door.

2. Go down the ramp and jump into the First Pit (B), go through the door to the east and follow the passage around to the west. In the Three-Doorways Room (C) take the northwest passage up to the Relic of Isis Room (D) and open the chest. Go back to the three-doorways room and go south.

3. Carefully enter the Impaling Room (E) and take the nearest doorway to the southwest. Follow the hall to the Sandy Room (F), edge around the hole, and take the southeast door. This leads to the Broken Tile Room (G). Walk out onto the tiles to the left and fall through - quickly escape this trap through the southeast door - and follow the corridor north, then west (ignore the T), and finally south to the Baboon Figurine Chest Room (H). Open the chest to get the figurine and head north through the other exit. This winding path leads you back to a drop-down into the three-doorways room. Head back to the broken tile room and cross it by walking on the centerline tile crack across to the south exit. Take the next "T" south.

4. From this "T" south of the broken tile room follow the passages and stairs down twice to the Altar Room (I). Move the southeast statue ["carry" and walk backwards] to the side and enter the hidden passage. Go south to the First Scarab Switch Room (J). Click on the switch, then go east and click on the switch in the Second Scarab Switch Room (K). Go back to the First room and flip the switch again. Go to the west to the Third Scarab Switch Room (L) and flip its switch. Go back to the First room and flip the switch one last time. Go to the east and through the opened door in the Second room. Go south.

5. As you enter the Monkey Chute Room (M), the chute opens and fanged monkeys appear. You can close the chute by clicking on the scarab switch on the south side of the room. Continue south, then south again to the Sacred Pool Room (N). Fight the mummies that appear then open the southeast chest. Read the inscription on the small statue and place it on the altar. Jump on the rising water pillar and take it into the upper watery room. Quickly click on the wall lever to load the outer dungeon.

6. In the Underwater Shrine talk to Kerah then click on the Portal to make the obelisk appear - take it. From the shrine you can walk up out of the water and find the leprechaun’s treasure to the northeast. Return to the shrine and swim down then click on the lever to re-load Anephas’ shrine dungeon.

7. Head north to the first stairs room (south of the broken tile room) and go west to the Beam of Light Room (O). Place the obelisk on the pillar to refract the light beam. Drag the large ornamental obelisks (found in corners of rooms) to the darker-colored squares on the floors to continue to refract the beam of light all of the way to the Altar Room. Go southwest from the altar room to the Baboon Frieze Room (P) and place the baboon figurine on the shelf. This locks the south stairs in place. Jump across the pit, take the stairs up, and open the central chest to get Anephas’ ashes.

8. Go to the altar room and place the ashes on the altar. Talk to the newly re-formed Anephas. This completes the requirements for the Shrine. To exit the shrine head northwest, fight the guardian, and go west to the Broken Pillar Room (Q). Cross it on the south side and follow the passage to the Exit Room (R). Click on the lever by the tilted statue to exit the shrine.

To return through the shrine (back to the Enchanted Sea) go back to the Impaling Room and look near the wall with the first pit. Press the button to be teleported to the other side of the pit.

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