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Individual Quest - Shurugeon Castle

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

(1) Having successfully fought the Amazon Mantraps you find the Ruined Shurugeon Castle Drawbridge raised with no apparent means of entry.

(2) Directly to the east of the castle is a Small Graveyard guarded by a Spirit of the Samurai. Defeat him and his fellow samurai skeletons and retrieve the Baton required for character advancement to Samurai at the Bushi Dojo.

(3) To enter the castle follow the moat to the south and swim down into the Watery Passage. Follow it north, then down, and turn around to the south to operate the lever to open the grate. Swim up to enter the southeast area outside the castle.

(4) Enter the castle grounds via the Ruined Wall.
(5) An advancement quest for Ninjas is to lower the drawbridge. Go to the north side of the grounds, enter the Drawbridge Stairway on the east side, go up (fighting spirits), and flip the lever.

(6) Entry into the castle proper is by the Southern Castle Door. There is the usual wall lever to load the castle "dungeon."

Ground Floor
(1) The first room inside is the castle Reflecting Pool Room. All doors except the western one are locked.

(2) Go to the southeast door which must be picked to enter the Fountain Room. It contains a treasure chest and a healing fountain.

(3) Go through the western door from the pool room. You meet DíSotoís ghost for the first time in the Dining Room. Prepare to fight because once he is done speaking a swarm of imps sent by Haleabus will enter from the north door. Once theyíre defeated go through the north door to the kitchen.

(4) On the far wall of the Kitchen is a key that will open the north and northeast doors in the entry pool room. Ignore the dumbwaiter for now. First go through the kitchen's west door into the Servant's Quarters and gather some treasure and Galian's scroll (Temple quest). Then go back to the entry pool room. Prepare some long range spells because a strong monster (sinister sentry) rises from the waters - you can duck back into the corridor and take potshots at it since it wonít leave the pool.

(5) Go to the northeast door and into the Blacksmith. Kill the undead blacksmith and go to the north side of the room.

(6) Through the bars you can see the Skeleton Pull Chain Room. Fire off a distance spell to destroy the skeleton which pulls the chain as it collapses and opens the door. Open the chest to get the first of five Evil Elements - the Face of Corruption.

(7) Head through the east door into the Barracks. Prepare for a battle with several undead as you enter including the spirit of Gliebott (Armory quest).

(8) Work you way through the barracks and in the far eastern corner of the last barracks room is the Small Spiral Staircase which leads to the basement. Take it all of the way down.

Basement & Ardibren's Lower Tower
(1) You will enter the Walled Stairs Room. From here go north to the Undead Ronin Room and collect the Mana flasks. Go back to the walled stairs room and head through the south door.

(2) In this Vault Room you'll fight some undead warriors and some imps. Once they're out of the way begin the Chain Pull Puzzle by starting with the pull chains nearest the locked grate and working north. Pulling some chains down raises others so keep looking around to see the effects of your actions. The last pull is on the north side of the southeast pillar. Once it stays down the grate will open to the vault and you can get the second Evil Element - the Idol of Darkness.

(3) From the vault room go north into Ardibren's Encounter Room. Ardibren will kill one of the ghosts and leave you to fight the other two. Once they're vanquished Ardibren will say a few words and teleport to the clearing in the southeast corner of the castle exterior. You'll meet him there later.

(4) From Ardibren's encounter room go west into the Square Pedestal Room. Heal up and prepare undead spells then go south into Haleabus' Trap Room where the doors close and you'll fight nine enslaved spirits. Once they're dead the doors will open (north and south [which leads back to the vault room]) and there's some good treasure in the chest.

(5) Go back to the square pedestal room and then take the stairs up to the southwest door (the southeast door is a one-way door only from north to south) onto the Musician's Balcony. Enter, open the chest, and get the strange key (looks like a crank). Go back down the stairs, and through the northeast door back to Ardibren's encounter room.

(6) Go up the large spiral stairs to Ardibren's tower area and continue on to Ardibren's Bedroom. Use the crank key on the strange mechanism to open the secret passage behind the bookcases and open the chest to get his Journal (Pawnshop quest). Enter the secret passage, go to the balcony, turn around and head back. Go south to enter the Tower Pull Chain Room, open the chest (treasure includes Ardibren's Relic [looks like a voodoo doll] and is a Magic Shoppe quest), and pull the chain to open the locked grate leading up (you'll enter this highest part of the tower later).

(7) Go back down the big stairs, head over to the square pedestal room and take the dumbwaiter up to ground level. It's time to track down the remaining three evil elements.

Head outside through the ruined wall and go the Clearing in the southeast corner. Ardibren will be here but heís dying from a werewolf attack. Listen to him and heíll give you the third Evil Element Ė the Paw of Contagion. Leave the clearing and heíll expire Ė go back and recover his staff. Head back into the castle.

Sewers and DíSotoís Tower
(1) Go all of the way down to the walled stairs room (via the barracks and small spiral stairs). Go down the walled stairs into the Catacomb Cells. Clear out the zombies and drop down into the water through the hole in the last cell.

(2) In the Sewers youíll see some stairs and a locked, grated passage. Take the stairs north and fight the minor demon Azgorax. Past him is a bridge leading to a pull chain Ė pull it to lift the grate in the sewers. Ignore the other stairs for now.

(3) Go down to the ex-grated sewer passage and take it east. Take the stairs up to the Landing, fight and kill the vampire, Lysandra, and get the fourth Evil Element Ė the Tusk of Lust. Continue up the stairs and eliminate the four undead ronins.

(4) Enter DíSotoís Tower Lever Room and pull the lever to load the tower dungeon. Enter the far door, take the lift upwards, and go though the north door across the bridge into DíSotoís Bedroom. Open the chest and get the fifth and last Evil Element Ė the Light of Death.

(5) You can leave DíSotoís tower by three methods: 1 - jump off the bridge (big ouch); 2 - use the pull chain to open the grate and jump down onto the castle grounds or jump out onto the outer wall (moderate ouch); or 3 - with careful timing jump down through the open lift (minor ouch), head back down to the sewers, go up the north stairs and then take the south stairs to a secret one-way door into Ardibrenís encounter room. Regardless, you'll want to end up in Ardibrenís encounter room.

Completion - The Tower of the Rite and Haleabus
(1) Take the big stairs back up to Ardibrenís tower and take the open grate passage and stairs upwards to the Tower of the Rite. Consolidate all elements and the mask with one character, then set the five elements on the five Claws of Evil, and place the Mask of Evil in the central holder. With a flash the mask is transformed into a "Haleabus invincibility sapper."

(2) Head back to Haleabusí Room on the north side of the entry reflecting pool. Give him the mask and then kick his butt (Zap and Lightning work well). When heís dead DíSotoís ghost appears and the door to the Western Treasure Room opens. Talk to DíSoto to discover the secret word to use with Erathsmedor the Dragon (it's Elseramavin), open the chest in the treasure room, and get the Shroud of Elsera.

Thatís it. There are a few rooms in the castle not covered in this walkthrough Ė you may want to check them out for further monster encounters and treasure.

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