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Individual Quest - Crypt Dungeon 

The following partial walkthrough is for the Crypt level from the "Wizards & Warriors Strategy Guide," which is available from Brady Games.  For more information about purchasing the strategy guide, you can contact Brady games via their website or their publisher.

Table of Contents

  1. Entry
  2. Rat keeper
  3. F'lokis Ra
  4. Secret Room
  5. Statue of Kerah
  6. Main Crypt
  7. Wizards And Warriors Path
  8. Asylum
  9. Scabban

Follow the path north of Valeia and into the graveyard next to the ruins of Bersault. The Dead are walking so expect to fight your way into the crypt.  

The Crypt


1.  Entry
As you cross over into the crypt dark corridors greet you.  Many skeletons are trapped within the first few rooms so fight  your way down until you come to a broken staircase. 
Drop down into the level below.  

2. Rat keeper.
The large room you come into the threshold of the tomb of F’lokis Ra. Ignore it for now and go down the stairs. Go into the area by the pool; open the chest to get the bauble stick Talk to Rethpian, who can tell you where he dropped his keys (the crystal). Swim down into the water; use the Bauble stick to get the crystal -- you cannot get the Gold key at this point.

Go back into the large chamber and use the crystal to call the elevator.  

3. Tomb of F’Lokis Ra
Ride the elevator up into the small room. Here you will face a mummified undead – a minor servant of Lord Cet. Kill him and pick up the amulet he was wearing – this contains the words you must say to the statue of Kerah. Press the button on the wall to call the elevator and then ride on its roof up to the secret room.

Secret Room
Above the tomb of F’lokis is a secret chamber. You can find the Ring of Saints and some treasure here. Go down the corridor and the wall will slide back taking you into the room with the Statue of Kerah.


5. Statue of Kerah
Stand in front of the statue and say the words written on the amulet (“Santus Kerah” or “Blessed be Kerah”). The door into the true crypt will open.  

6. Main Crypt
Move through the area slaughtering the undead. There are many skeletons, crypt bats and more powerful undead throughout the twisted corridors and rooms of the crypt.  Move carefully clearing out each area before moving forward.

In some places you will find upright coffins stacked against the walls, these may contain the treasures of the dead, but more often are occupied by a powerful monster such as a mummy or plague corpse. Go to the far eastern section of the crypt where you will face the Spirits of the Wizard and Warrior. Each of these monsters will drop a crystal, which will allow you to take one of the Jindols from the burning altars. Use one of the Jindols in the room with the two braziers to open either the Wizards or the Warriors paths.

Wizard’s and Warrior’s Paths
You can only follow one of these paths, depending on which brazier you lit in the last room. I recommend following the Wizard’s Path (the brazier on the right) as you get more loot and a greater challenge. The two paths are very similar in that you must first pass through a Fire Pits room, then face a combat challenge and finally come upon a healing pool of water and some treasure. After completing a path you will drop into the Asylum.

Wizard’s Fire Pits
This room is full of blazing fires that burn your party and a sealed portcullis at the end. The trick here is to walk over the central fire (the one directly facing the portcullis) and then walk backwards through it. After you have done this walk around the edge of the room and slip through the gate.

Warrior’s Fire Pits
In this room there are two levers in alcoves tot he right and left and a central fire that will heal your party. The trick here is to avoid walking into the healing fire which resets the puzzle) and throw the levers and then walk out along the sides of the room.

Sneaky hint … you can get past both of the Fire Pits rooms by using a but of lateral thinking too! If you drag a crate down from upstairs you can push it ahead of your party and jam the portcullis open. Also if you take a straight run down the corridor and do a flying leap over the central fire pit you will often roll under the portcullis before it closes!

8. The Asylum
The people of the Gael Serran are not enlightened in their treatment of the insane – they are left to rot with the dead! Here Scabban’s contagion first took root and now the dead walk the grimy corridors of the old asylum. Many plague ghouls and other zombies wander this area and you will have to fight your way through it to get to the necromancer Scabban.

Fight your way through the more powerful and active undead until you reach the upper chamber where you can meet the necromancer Scabban. Listen to his story and then put him out of his misery. Once he is dead throw the switch on the wall and jump down into the waters below. Swim through the underwater passage until you emerge in the Tombs of Heroes.

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