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If you have any Hints or Tips, be sure to email them to us, and we will post them here, with full credit to you!

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"Mana Trick"

By: Warhammer

Recasting buff spells increases their duration.

So when you come upon a Mana Shrine take the time to cast Armor and buffering spells,... to a duration of 1000+ secs.
For the same reason Mana chant works wonders with Life Shrines

"7 Healing Hands"

By: Mike Q

Not sure how useful a tip this is yet (I'm only way through the game trying it), but in an attempt to build a really strong character, I created a party of 8, with my one main character and 7 characters all just using healing hands.  The 8 character party makes all the monsters have more health, helping you build experience faster and with only the main character doing the fighting, he can keep all that experience for himself.

I've been trying to increase each of the four skills at the same time (so I switch skills every time I level up) and my character seems to be a step or two ahead of the monsters I've been facing (I usually need only one or two hits to kill anything).

With so many people healing, there's pretty much no way I can die.  If you wanted to specialize your fighting skill, you could advance in that much faster than the way I'm doing it, but I wanted to see how powerful I could get in all four skills at once.

Another tip that's probably known by everyone at this point, is that creatures you summon earn experience in whatever magic you're using to summon them.  This has proved pretty useful to me so far in the game when I've gotten to a spot with a ton of monsters.  You can just toss a summoned creature into the room and let him attack until he's dead, and then summon him again.  He earns the experience for you, and you don't die.


"Nature Magic Trick"

By: Lord Shield

Stationary attacking monsters
(such as Mine Worms):

Run in front of them, get damaged, run back,  heal
Carry on until you're bored gaining Nature Magic Levels


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