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City by City Spoilers

BANDIT CAMP (Chapter 3)

1) Clear out the Larswood.  In here you will find two or three NPC bad guys who will ask you to surrender.  You have the option of asking them to join their group.  They will take you straight to the Bandit Camp.  If you said yes then you have pretty much passed this, if you said no, read on.

2) Once Larswood is cleared then go north once and clear out the forest called Peldvale. I am not sure if you get a second chance to join their group here.

3) Now go North again, this is the Bandit Camp, and you must clear this one out as well.  There are tons of bandits here, so have a lot of healing and attack spells ready.

Note: If you did not want to join their group you will not find the leader, Tazok, you must hunt for him later on to kill him.  This does not effect the chapter completion.  If you said yes to joining their group you will have a chance to kill Tazok.

Ring of Wizardry

There are two Ring's of Wizardry in BG:
Friendly Arm Inn Area
(x=2552, y=3758, AR2300). NOTE: not available after the patch is applied. A second ring can be found in Baldur's Gate in Sunin's House, that is in the South-Western Part of Baldur's Gate.

There is also another Ring of Wizardry in the South south west part of Baldur's Gate City.

Hidden Wand

In the Farmland area of Nashkell at coordinates X: 187, Y: 2747. Nashkell mines has a tree stump in the top left corner.
It has a wand in it

Hidden Ankheg Armor

Its at Location (X: 187, Y: 2747), in the Town of Nashkell, same location as the above.


Inside Candlekeep Inn is Firebead Elvenhair, who needs a scroll returned from Tethoril. Tethoril is walking around near Gorion.
You'll earn 50 xp for this.

To the north of the Inn is Phlydia who has lost her book. The book can be found near the cows to the east of her.
You'll earn 50 xp for this.

Near the cows is Dreppin who needs an Antidote from Hull, or you can buy one at the temple.
You'll earn 50 xp for this.

Inside a building on the north side, you'll run into Shank, a bounty hunter. He's not very tough.
You'll earn 20 xp for this.

On the east side, is a building with a guard named Reevor outside who need you to kill the rats inside.
You'll earn 50 xp and 5 gold for this.

Hull is along the wall on the east side, and has left his sword in the barracks. 
You'll earn 50 xp and 10 gold for this.

Bounty hunter number 2 is Carbos. He's as easy as the other.
You'll earn 20 xp for this

When you get to the barracks, ask the guard Fuller if he has any quests, he'll   ask you to get him some crossbow bolts. 
You'll earn 50 xp and 10 gold for this.

Friendly Arm Inn

Inside the Inn on the 3rd floor is Landin. He needs you to clean the spiders from his house in Beregost.
Return to him with the worn boots for 120 gp, wine 75 gp, and the spider body for 100 gp.

Joia who lives just inside the main gate had a ring stolen from her. The hobgoblins to the north have it.
You'll earn 400 xp and +1 to your reputation.

Near the stairwell, you'll meet another bounty hunter named Tarnesh. He's a little tougher.
You'll earn 120 xp for this.


Inside the Field post Inn is a loud mouth named Marl. He'll approach you as soon as you enter.
You'll earn 650 xp for this.

Garrick is near the Burning Wizard Tavern, and has a job for you. He'll offer you some money, and then lead you to Silke. She wants you to kill some thugs. Well, oh Silke tries to pull a fast one. Your choice on who to help.

Kill the group, earn 200-400 gold, and lose 2 reputation points.

Kill Silke and earn 900 xp and an item from the group you saved.

Inside the Red Sheaf Inn is Karlat, yet another bounty hunter.
You'll earn 270 xp for this.

To the left of the Jovial Juggler Inn, is a building with 4 spiders inside, worth 270 xp each.

Inside the Jovial Juggler is a Paladin named Bjornin who says there is a group of ogres to the south southwest to take care of.


If you let Noober (That Annoying guy) talk long enough you will gain 400 xp.

Bounty hunter Neira awaits you inside the Nashkell Inn. She is kind of tough if you are still kind of weak. -- You'll earn 650 xp for this.

South of the temple is an overweight simpleton named Oublek. Talk to him, if you tell him your not Greywolf, You'll earn +1 to your reputation.

Edwin is a NPC mage who asks you to kill Dynaheir. He joins your party to make sure you do. She is also part of the Minsc and Boo quest. Pick your poison ). You'll find her in the Gnoll Stronghold down in a pit. You'll get 800 xp for rescuing her, and another 800 for keeping her and letting Edwin take his Red Wizard self elsewhere. Warning!!! If you talk to Minsc now, you must accept both or neither into your party.

Mayor Berrun Ghastkill asks you to investigate the mines and report back after doing so. You'll earn 1000 xp and 900 gold

Joseph's ring which you find in the Nashkel mines, can be returned to the wife of Joseph. She lives in the locked house on the south eastern portion of map, the last house available. Your reward is 800 xp.

On the Nashkel Mine Map, is a sculptor named Prism. He is being hunted by Greywolf.

If you help Prism, and kill Greywolf you receive 1400 xp for the kill, then 1000 xp from Prism and +1 to your reputation. If you kill Prism, you get 15 xp and 2 emeralds that he stole.

Inside the mine, your first quest is to return Kylee's dagger given to you by Miner Dink. Kylee is on the 2nd level in the main room. You'll receive 200 xp for this.
Killing Mulahey gives you 650 xp.

Once your back in Nashkell, you will run into Nimbul. This bounty hunter will test your young party You'll earn 650 xp for this.

South of Nashkell, you'll run into Sendai, who is curious as to what you're up to.
Sendai is worth 600 xp, Delgod 300 xp, and Alexander 300 xp.

Brage and Laryssa hang out west or south west of Nashkell. Laryssa must be dealt with first depending on how close you are top Brage. Answering Brage's question will allow you to take him to the temple to be dealt with properly.
You'll earn 1000 xp, reputation +1, and 2 items, 1 is the cursed sword of Brage's.

Basilius is surrounded by a few zombies and skeletons. Kill all of them, and you'll get 975 xp for Basilius. Take his symbol back to the temple, and:
You'll get 5000 gold pieces and 1000 xp.

Bandit Camp

You'll earn 400 xp for getting in. Once you're in, its time to raise some hell.

Main tent, far east, Raemon 1200xp, Hakt 900, Britik 750, and Ventk 900. Long Bow of Marksmanship is in here as well. - Talk to Sai, who is a captive.

Outside, kill Taugosz Khosann for 2000 xp, and the rest of the camp. A few items are located in the chests around camp as well.


Ardeth Sashentar awaits near his cottage for help. This is a funny quest:
First time I hit it, he asked for help. Second time, I had a druid in my party and he didn't. Third time last night, no druid and he didn't.

I think he wants you to guard him from some bad guys coming to pay him a visit.

Tiber has lost his brother Chelak. The place to find him is the western side of map. Enter the cave, and Centeol and her children await you. You'll meet some spiders, and 2 Ettercaps.

The queen spider is worth 1000 xp, and you'll get The Spiders Bane sword, a nice weapon. Take Chelaks body back to Tiber for another 800 xp.

Cloakwood Mine

Talk to the miner to the north west of where you enter. He tells you of the river plug that is behind him. He needs the key that belongs to Davaeorn.

Find Rill and have him evacuate the slaves, will cost 100 gold for this.

Work your way down through the mines, you'll run into Drasus 1400 xp, Genthore 1600, Rezpan 1200, Kysus 1400, Hareishan 1200, and Davaeorn 6000.

Take the key and enter the door that will teleport you back to near the river plug. Give the miner the key and swim.
The reward is 2000 xp and reputation +2.

High Hedge

Melicamp can be found on the map south of High Hedge, he is the talking chicken. He needs you to take him to Thalantyr, mighty mage of High Hedge. After some dialogue, you need to find a skull to help try to reverse the spell Melicamp is under. Luckily, there are plenty of skeletons outside to help. Bring a skull back to Thalantyr, and see what happens.

Either Melicamp is killed, or the spell is reversed and you get 2000 xp. The flesh golems walking around inside are tough, but worth 2000 xp. Thalantyr also has a nice selection of magical items.

Ankheg Map

If you take the Ankheg shell to the blacksmith in Beregost, you can have Ankheg armor made for 4000 gps.

Brun is a simple farmer towards the middle of the map. His son Nathan is missing. Nathan can be found in a small cave to the west of Brun. Nathan is in the northeast part of the cave. Take his body back to Brun for 500 xp. Then, if you'll give Brun 100 gold, you'll earn another 1000 xp and reputation +1.

To the west of the cave is a fishing camp run by Sonner, Telmen, and Jebadoh. They are having a conflict with the Priestess of Umberlee. Accept there quest and head north into the Baldur's City map, then north east. Talk to Tenya and decide your fate.

Kill her and you'll earn 650 xp, and some bracers, ac7 I think. Then go see the fishermen, who will give you 1000 xp and a flail +1.

Help Tenya, and you'll receive 2500 xp. Killing Sonner gains 35 xp, Telman 7, and Jebodah 35.

Cloudpeak Mountains

Zal is the fastest dart thrower in the west. Give him all your gold or perish. Hehe, yea. Kill him and Vax. Zal gets you 600 xp and some darts, and Vax is worth 400 xp.

Little Albert has lost his dog, and gives you a chew toy to help find him.

Darryl the tasloi, Larry the kobold, and Darryl the xvart hang out in the south east. Talk to them. They walked off when I answered wrong the first time. 2nd time, I got their autograph, now what to do with it?

In the Cloudpeaks area, you'll meet Dryad who has an oak tree that is being threatened by Caldo and Krumm. Each of them are worth 175 xp. You'll find a Girdle of Bluntness on one of them. You're reward for saving the tree is 500 xp and reputation +1.

Finally found Rufie the dog for Albert. I've heard of a big fight at this one, how ever I didn't encounter one.

First time, I got 1000 xp, and they both dimension doored out.

Second time I killed Rufie, and Albert wasn't happy. 17 xp for killing Rufie, 1200 xp after Albert dimension doored away.
Could this be a reputation score quest? My current Rep is 19. Yes, I'm a goodie.

Found the cat in the waterfall, returned it to Drienne, received 200 xp and reputation +1.

Lighthouse Map

Ardrouine's son is surrounded by dogs up at the lighthouse, and requests you to take care of the dogs so she can coax her son out of hiding. The lighthouse is to the northwest.
You'll get 60 gp and reputation +1.

Safana asks you to help her find Alarics treasure in a cave nearby. The cave is guarded by 3 Sirines, and inside by Flesh Golems. Inside the cave is a Tome of Constitution, and a few other items. Each kill is worth 2000 xp, so this is a nice little venture ).

Firewine Bridge

Ghost knight will ask you to kill him and return armor. Take the armor to the ghost further inside. The reward is 1500 xp.

Lendan the Mage will come after you, he has a Cloudkill scroll on him.

Carsa is east of the bridge, and has a jar. Talk her into opening it, and Kahrk is released, an Ogre Mage with Minor Globe on, fairly easy, he is worth 3500 xp.

Meilum is the best swordsman in the land. Prove he is wrong for 1200 xp and Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise.

Benton the wacko wants to talk to you about Illmater, no clue if this is important or not.

For saving Ulcaster you earn 1000 xp. Just wander through the under areas till you find a tome. Spiders, wolves, and a jelly are your only obstacle.

You'll find a xvart camp, with Ursa the Cavebear 650 xp your main goal.

Baldur's Gate City

Scar of the Flaming Fist wants you to investigate the Seven Suns Compound. The shop owner is being held captive by doppelgangers upstairs. Release him, and talk to the other "merchants". They may turn into doppelgangers as well. Head over to see Scar at the Flaming Fist Compound. Your reward is 5000 xp and 2000 gold.

Lady Hannah and Ramazith want you to free a Nymph being held captive by Ragefast. Ramazith asks you to bring her to him.

Find Ragefast 2000 xp and either free the nymph 2200 xp and a lock of her hair, or take her to Ramazith.
I freed her, and returned to Ramazith who was furious that he couldn't finish some spells with her body parts. Chase him up the tower and defeat him. You'll get 4000 xp, the Unicorn Run, Amulet of Metaspell, Tome of Intelligence, and a Ring of Protection +2.

Rinnie (north east map) wants the Book of Unicorn Run. You're reward is 400 xp and 80 gold.

Brevlik is drinking in the Elfsong, and has a job for you. Head over to the Hall of Wonders and take the Telescope for 500 gps. Get the Telescope, return with it for 5500 xp, 500 gold and a trinket.

Degrodel wants you to find the Helm of Balduran. He will give you some stone to flesh scrolls to help. The statues are actually at Felonius Gist's Estate. Save before you enter. Release 1 and talk to him. If you find the right guy, he will tell you he had the item hidden somewhere. The only information he will give you is a note with a clue. Its pretty simple to solve. Head to this new location, and talk to the people inside. A fight may break out with the 5 you just released I think. The helm is upstairs, with a trap guarding it. Keep the helm or return it? If you return it, he brings some of his friends in to attack you, and earn 5000 xp.

Niklus is near the Sorcerer's Sundries, and his boss is willing to pay you 50 gold to come talk to him. Altar Thuildbud wants you to steal or take by force 3 items needed to create flying ships. The objects are being kept in Oberon's Estate. Item 1 is a spell book, 2 is a fragment, and 3 is a statue. If you have to fight, Delorna is worth 1400 xp, Ithmeera 650, and Helshara 975. Return the items to Thuildbud and receive 4000 xp, and Resar will attack you for not doing the job quietly. He is worth 4000 xp.

Arkion is looking for someone to bring him bodies from the sewers. He asks no questions. If I remember, he gave me a 1 time reward of 1800 xp and 250 gold.

Near the Hall of Wonders is a little boy who wants you to talk to his guardian. Tremmain Belde'ar tells you that his son and the little boy were playing around in the Water Queens House, and the priestess killed his son. Your job is to get the body back. Go over and talk to Priestess Tenya.

Ghorak is a zombie looking human, who asks you to return his brother Kereph's skull to Agnasia in the Lady's Hall. The skull is in the 3 Old Kegs Tavern. Agnasia will give you 1000 xp and reputation +1 for the skull.

Lothander informs you that you were poisoned while sleeping. He has the only cure, but he needs your help. He has had a curse placed on him. The Diviner can help. For 50 gold, the Diviner tells you to go see High Priestess Jalantha Mistmry of the Water Queens House. Well, Jalantha can help, but wants you to bring her a Tome of Wisdom that can be found at the Lady's Hall. Head over to the Lady's Hall and pay 500 gold for the tome. Take the tome back to Jalantha, she will give you the cure for the curse. If you want you can reclaim the tome with a fight ). Take the cure to the Blade and Stars Inn and meet Lothander. Old Lothander is a sneaky one, he only has half the cure. His buddy Marek over at the Blushing Mermaid has the other half. Enter the Mermaid, and talk to the friendly Half Ogre. Now find Marek, who wont give you the other half, so take it from his corpse. Finally you have both parts of the cure.

User Contributed Tips and Spoilers

If you have a Tip or Spoiler you'd like to add to this list, just  Email us


Chapter 3 - The Bandit Camp - Tips posted By Chris Becke

Accepting the offers from the bandit bosses in Larswood & Peldvale is the only way into the bandit camp if you didn't find or otherwise stuffed up the interrogation of Tranzig - the mage staying in Feldpost.

Also: You get a chance to fight Tazok to stay in the camp. You cannot kill him - as soon as you "kill" him he calls of the fight - declares you a good enough fighter to stay in camp, and leaves.

Chapter 1 - The Friendly Arm Inn  By Chris Becke

You missed the Pantaloons mission - talk to the nobleman on the 2nd floor - take his pantaloons. Give them back for ~50xp.
There is also an author on the 1st floor - who wants you to get the girdle of piercing. He will take that from you for some gold and a book, and either some xp, or a rep point - I forget - I don't find it worth it giving the belt back.

Chapter 1 - Beregost - Tips posted By Chris Becke

In the east of the town is a house with Mirianne - she takes the scroll you find on the ogrillions on the map below Beregost, and gives in return a ring of protection+1 To the east of Field post inn is a house with Firebead Elvenhair (yes - from Candlekeep). He wants a copy of the book that Feldpost is selling.

Perdue lost his short sword to some gnolls on the high hedge map. The conversation is tricky to get right to start the mission, and finding the short sword is tricky too, as I don't usually pick them up anymore.

Some little bastard in the bar right in the middle of Beregost will take Boots of Stealth from you as many times as you talk to him. This might be worth some small amount of xp as it is a mission he gave you.

In the friendly arm inn is another grumpy dwarf who wants you to get his cloak of non-detection (iirc) that he lost to some xvarts on Cloakwood.

Return it to him - he lets you keep it, plus you get xp and perhaps a rep point.

Chapter 4 - Cloakwood - Tips posted By Chris Becke

Ardeth Sashentar - If you help him - he'll reappear in Baldur's Gate and give you entry to the Merchants guild.

Chapter 1 - Nashkel - Tips posted By Chris Becke

One of the tomb stones on the right hand side belong to a mage that faked his death. If you click it the mage will appear and tell you to desist. A repeat will cause him to re-appear, summon some Phoenix guards, and disappear. The phoenix guards (about 8 are summoned) are easy to kill, worth 100 xp each, which is a little low considering that whey they die they explode like a fireball.

Other Notes: - Tips posted By Chris Becke

The character that initiates conversation should have good charisma. Many "prizes" given for mission completion are dependent on the charisma of the character that is doing the talking. For instance - saving the guy just north of the Gnoll stronghold from the polar bear either gets you the Boots of the North, xor a paltry ~300GP depending on the charisma of the conversing character (10 I know is too low for the boots, 17 is high enough).


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