Johnathan Powers Hanson Jr.


Rank: Admiral
Assignment: Instructor / Starfleet Academy
Post: Instructor

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Height: 5.3ft
Weight: 143lbs
Hair Color: Grey

Subject Highlights:
"Wisdom begins in wonder"

The Brother of JP Hanson Jr was Killed at Wolf 359, a great loss to him.

He Joined Starfleet 47 Years ago, and has seen many come and go from Starfleet. He has had a wildly diverse life, From Working at Utopia Planetia to Helping to Create the DMZ for Cardassians.

Many Maquis have tried to attack him, all attempts have failed. He did feel that the DMZ was a good idea, but now, he feels bad, since the Dominion wiped most of the Maquis out.

Has taught at Starfleet Academy for the last 11 years, and enjoys it very much.



Photo of J.P. Hanson Jr.

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