Kyle Simmons


Rank: Cadet
Assignment: Training / Starfleet Academy
Post: Trainee

Gender: Male
Birthplace: Trill Home world
Height: 5.8ft
Weight: 167lbs
Hair Color: Brownest Red

Subject Highlights:
"Success requires no explanations, failure permits no alibi's."

Kyle Simmons is the Earth name he has chosen, His "Humanoid and Vermiform" name is Multivia Domulai - You see why he Changed it.
Kyle is 87 Years old, the
Humanoid Body is 19, Kyles symbiont has had only 2 other Hosts, this is quite young for a Trill.

Kyle Joined Starfleet mainly Because "Its Something I haven't Done Yet" -He says jokingly.

Kyles is Fascinated by Caves, He loves exploring all types of Caves, His Previous Hosts didn't, so this must be Kyles Host's Liking.

Before joining Starfleet, He Traveled from Starbase to Starbase, Working on Spacecraft for Credits, and traveling to the Planets nearby and searching for Caves.



Photo of Kyle Simmons

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