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If you are wanting to join the trueSpace Webring, PLEASE make sure your site has trueSpace
content of some kind, and
IS READY at the time of filling out this form. Also, Make sure you
are willing to insert the HTML Fragment into your site the
same day you submit this Form.


Your Name:

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Your Password:

Please choose a password. (Don't Forget it!)


Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site, leaving a space between each word (NO Comas).


Enter a short, clean, detailed description of your Site.



HTML Fragment


(Select ALL of it, and right Click and select Copy)
(Then Paste it into your HTML page)

If you were in the 'old' TS Webring, delete that old
code and use the new code provided below.

Edit the code below after you paste it into your HTML file,
Replace all the areas that say
"INSERT YOUR SITE ID HERE". If you have any problems, Just Email Me.

Logo with Black Background

Logo with White Background
(Copy the Image to YOUR Server, PLEASE Don't link to this Image)

Now, If you would like to download the Logo, Right Click on it, and "Save as" to
Hard drive. then, in your HTML file you just pasted, update the PATH to the image logo.


You Will
receive an EMAIL with all the info you will need to get started.


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