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- 1999 - 2001 -


The Original trueSpace 3D Webring was closed this morning, so I decided to dedicate myself to creating a NEW one, creating the entire setup within 2 hours!
At the end of the day, we already have 9 sites that have joined!


As of today, we now have 17 websites in the trueSpace web ring, with 5 other sites on hold, due to no html fragment added to their sites yet.

I did goof on the code you had to insert, some of you caught it, some didn't, (I emailed those that didn't).
The "goof" was I forgot to insert the comment "INSERT YOUR SITE ID HERE" in the "NEXT" field, and the "NEXT 5" field. Instead, it was MY Site ID that was listed there! 
As of today 2 sites need to correct it.


We now have a total of 28 Websites, and more are joining weekly now. Remember, if you see a site that still has the 'old' trueSpace Webring that is now dead on their site, let them know, and point them to us!


Today, I have added the 32nd Site to the trueSpace Webring, I have also emailed the webmaster of Render Engine to get him to sign up, he still has the old Webring code. I really hope he joins!


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