Alexander Rozhenko


Rank: Cadet
Assignment: Training / Starfleet Academy
Post: Trainee

Race: 75% Klingon and 25% Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5.4ft
Weight: 121lbs
Hair Color: Brown

Subject Highlights:
"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

Alexander Rozhenko is the son of Lt. Worf and the Late Klingon Ambassador K'Ehleyr.
Alexander lived with his mother for the first three years of his life. Although his mother was half human, making Alexander three-quarters Klingon and one-quarter human, his mother chose not to expose him to Klingon traditions and to let him find his own path, yet, When he and his Mom visited Worf, His mother was Murdered by a Klingon of the House of Duras.
Alexander to live with his grandparents (Worf's adoptive parents). Alexander came back to live with Worf after 2 years, then after some time, went back to his Adoptive parents. Then at the Age of
Ascension, he left to join a Klingon Ship, and had some trouble at first, and then during a random attack with the Dominion, his ship was destroyed, and they were left in escape pods. A Starfleet Ship from the Academy picked them up (8 Escape Pods), and he felt that he had dishonored the Klingons, allowing their ship to be destroyed, yet it was in no way his fault.

At this time, he joined Starfleet Academy, hoping to be trained as good as his father was, so this would never happen again.



Photo of Alexander Rozhenko

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