David Wilder


Rank: Cadet
Assignment: Training / Starfleet Academy
Post: Trainee

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Nova Scotia, Canada
Height: 6.1ft
Weight: 183lbs
Hair Color: Blonde & Brown

Subject Highlights:
"Don't Dwell on the Past, the Future is NOW!"

Grew up in Canada, and Loves the land. When he was young, he was more a naturalist than a kid looking up at the stars.. He never even thought about being a Starfleet 'Brat' when he got older, but that all changed when his Brother, Phillip was Killed by Dominion during the "Great War" that has lasted over 2 years.

Now that it is over, and time has passed, his want for revenge passed, and he found out that he really DOES enjoy Starfleet, and honors his Brother by following in his footsteps. He still hates the Dominion with a passion, and wanted to see the Dominion Leaders Executed when they were captured on Cardassia.



Photo of David Wilder

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